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Vegetarian chili recipe revealed!

It’s comfort food season!  Fall brings crisp morning air, vibrant fall colours and chilly temps.  Sometimes it’s just too cold to eat a salad so I love to get my veggies and fibre in a warm bowl of soup or … Continue reading

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Diet tips to help you say good night inflammation

It’s not such a nice day here in Toronto.  Dark, cold and rainy.  Perfect afternoon to perk up your energy with a green smoothie! Let’s get right back to our discussion about improving sleep quality by minimizing inflammation.  As I … Continue reading

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Who said sleep is for wimps?

Who decided that sleep is expendable?  I cringe when people say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.  I think they’re selling themselves short by ignoring the fact that sleep is crucial, a time when our bodies heal, repair and rejuvenate. Think … Continue reading

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Better breakfast for peak athletic performance

Good morning! Just sipping on my smoothie after finishing an easy 30 minute run. Basically, breakfast number 2 for me. Yesterday we discussed the reasons why a balanced breakfast is so important….restock glycogen stores, balance your blood sugar, supply energy … Continue reading

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Boost your day with Breakfast!

Good morning! Once again, I woke up feeling alive and refreshed this morning!  I didn’t begin my day yesterday with my green smoothie (we’ll get to breakfast in a minute) but I did enjoy one later in the afternoon, just … Continue reading

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