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Blueberry Maple Breakfast Quinoa

  I am one lucky girl. Two weeks ago I started training for my next marathon. This will be my first marathon since Chicago in October 2009. I am pumped! But how does that make me so lucky? Because when … Continue reading

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Thinking of going gluten-free?

One of the most common questions I’ve been receiving recently is about the gluten-free fervour that everyone has been hearing about but few really know anything about. Seems like we all have a friend, a neighbour, or an uncle who … Continue reading

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Better breakfast for peak athletic performance

Good morning! Just sipping on my smoothie after finishing an easy 30 minute run. Basically, breakfast number 2 for me. Yesterday we discussed the reasons why a balanced breakfast is so important….restock glycogen stores, balance your blood sugar, supply energy … Continue reading

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Does fruit count as sugar?

This article entitled “Stirring up a mixed message” in today’s Globe and Mail really got me going! Its opening statement “Canadians eat a lot of sugar.  Or do we?” suggests that the 26 teaspoons the average Canadian consumes every day just might … Continue reading

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