Eating on the run

Yesterday was one of those days when I was literally on the run right from the crack of dawn. Early morning run, followed by a coaching session at the Running Room and then off to my new office at Moksha Uptown. I forgot to plan it right so by 3:00 I was ravenous! Those almonds I keep stashed in my car never tasted so good.

I know many of you have those days too, when the day is jam-packed and healthy eating can be even more of a challenge than it already is. Good intentions are often there but it’s just so easy to pick up a muffin with that coffee or grab a slice of pizza for lunch. But with a little bit of planning, you can make better choices that support your energy and health rather than drain it.

When that ravenous moment hits it can be easy to convince yourself that a quick stop at a fast food joint for dinner doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. But you will regret it an hour or two later. The key is to never allow yourself to get to that point when the golden arches start calling your name.

To keep hunger at bay, try to eat a little something every 2-4 hours. Take snacks with you whenever you can but for those days when there just isn’t anything in the house, there are some better options besides another coffee and a bagel.

It’s always great to have leftovers around the house but I know that’s not always possible. For those days when there’s nothing ready to eat, here’s what you can grab on the run. It’s nice to have these items in the house but you can also grab them if you’re out and about. Think grocery store instead of fast food shop for a quick lunch or snack.

Here are several of my “go-to’s” for eating on the run:

  • greek yogurt and fresh or frozen berries (they thaw in about 15 minutes). Even better when you have a batch of this granola to add in.
  • an apple and almond butter
  • cut up veggies (which you have done in advance or can often buy in the grocery store) and hummus
  • handful of “trail mix” – I keep a full stash of almonds, walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dates, raisins and figs in my cupboard at all times.  Mix and match whatever flavours you feel like that day.
    Quick note: I avoid pre-made trail mixes…..usually full of added sugars and hydrogenated oils. 
  • tuna and spelt or rice crackers. My favourite are Mary’s Organic Crackers
  • whole food bars that I either keep in the house or grab when I’m out: Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bar (Chocolate Decadence is truly that!); LaraBars are great; I also love Taste of Nature bars (they are essentially just nuts and seeds). Ingredients for all 3 of these bars are pronounceable and recognizable.
  • I also try to keep a batch of hard boiled eggs in the fridge most of the time. Grab 1 or 2 of these, along with any piece of fruit. Probably my top pick for when I’m really hungry.
  • and you can never go wrong with a green smoothie!

You’ll notice that all of these options have a combination of protein, carbs, fibre and healthy fats. Remember, refined carbs will leave you hungry and set you up for cravings later in the day.

So my friends, no more excuses. Be prepared, snack often and it’s easy to make the healthy choice!

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